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(March 2, 1912 - May 16, 2007)


Condolence Messages continued

Dear Irma,

I’m very sad to learn that Mordy passed away. He was a wonderfully strong and warm man, who enriched the lives of countless other people in ways that I imagine you have been learning about over these past few weeks. What I remember most fondly about Mordy is his beautifully deep, resonant voice, his smile, the way he would listen to a question, pause to think for a moment, and then begin his response with the words, “Well…(down and octive), you know…” That voice, its human warth, was part of Mordy’s gift to all of us who share your grief at this time, even if we cannot feel it as insensely as you, Marc, Josh, Elizabeth and Chuck.

What Mordy gave me, in addition, was the amazing opportunity to work with Jimmy Waring, and though him to experience the artistic ferment around Judson Church in the 1960s. Mordy also provided me with a living link to the progressive arts scene in this country in the 1930's and 1940's, which without the stories he told would have been only book knowledge for me.

I don’t know how you will find the strength to go on, but I know you will pull through. I hope that hearing from many, many people like me will have made this a little easier. Take care of yourself!

Words cannot express the gift that you and Mordy gave me those six (yes not 5) years that I attended Indian Hill.  To say that I counted the days from September until July each of those years is hardly an understatement - to know that I begged my parents each and very year to give me one more year (as I was at the age where many teens were working summers) was to understand the importance that Indian Hill played in my formative years.  Where else could a middle-class girl from Long Island be exposed to the best classical music had to offer, an inconoclastic dance teacher and choreographer, a brilliant and sensitive film afficianado, and I could go on and on and on....?

I will always remember Mordy as a gentle soul with his sweet smile and kindly demeanor.  At a time when the world seemed topsy turvy (as opposed to now when we know it is), he was a calming presence who helped make those years a little more palatable.

Thank you Mordy and thank you Irma for showing me a world I would not otherwise have known.

Valerie Pitt
IH '64-'69

Dear Irma & Family,

I was so saddened to hear of Mordy's passing. You both were so instrumental in shaping the lives of many young aspirants-including myself. I feel fortunate to have re-connected with you and to have spent that wonderful afternoon with you, Mordy, and my sister, Jane.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Helen Kent
IH '63, '64

Dear Irma,

I send you my deep condolences.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with Helen & myself recently when we visited for lunch. It was wonderful to spend time with you and Mordy... to have spent time with you and he in the present and in the past. We are thinking of you.

Jane Kent
IH '65, '66

Dear Irma,

When I came back from a trip to Japan, Henry Shapiro told me that Mordy had died. I'm so sorry - I know how difficult it must be for you.

Myra Rubin
IH '56, '57

I was so saddened to hear of Mordy's passing. What a gentle and kind soul. He had great qualities which he generously gave to others.  All love to you and your family.

Joshua Rodrigues
IH '70

The four summers I spent at Indian Hill were 32 weeks of bliss; music, fun, softball, swimming, and so much more.  Mordy and Irma were our surrogate parents for those happy times and when Mordy sang the baritone solo in Dona Nobis Pacem, it brought tears to my eyes, which made seeing the music just a bit tricky. I have millions of memories of dear Mordy, but perhaps the ones I cherish most are the visual images of him pitching the Sunday afternoon student/faculty softball games...oh, how I miss those days! Mordy was, and will always be a treasure.

Tony Rudel
IH '70, '71, '72, '73




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