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Remembering Mordy


(March 2, 1912 - May 16, 2007)


Condolence Messages continued

Dearest Irma,

What can I say—Mordy’s was an extraordinary life, as is yours. But as Charles Ives said when asked, “Have you lived here all your life?” – “Not yet.”

I’m so glad I could visit with you both & Robert just 3 weeks ago.

My love and embraces,
Isabelle Ganz
IH ’53, ‘54

Dear Irma,

I was so sad to hear about Mordy just as I have been reading with great pleasure your book about his and your wonderful and creative life.

The summers at Indian Hill were truly my best educational experiences as well as my best social experiences (even better than at Music & Art). My piano teacher used to ask me why I didn’t practice that way for him. You both created an environment where we thrived and grew.

You and Mordy enriched my life and that of so many others. I am truly grateful to both of you. I hope all of our memories will add to yours and will help sustain you in this difficult time.

With love,
Sara Samuels
IH ‘58

Dear Irma,

With love, fond remembrance, gratitude and appreciation, and with prayers for you and your family as you go through this period of grief and readjustment.

Aviva Chansky Guttmann
IH ‘74

Dear Irma,

It was extremely sad to hear of Mordy’s passing. My thoughts are with you. I phoned but haven’t been able to reach you.

I’m grateful that I was able to spend some time with Mordy, and with you, just a few days ago.

Please let me know if I can be of help. My condolences to your family as well.

David Behrman
IH ’53,’54

Dear Irma,

Thinking of you, and Josh and Marc. With greatest sympathy and remembering Mordy, always, with great affection.

With love,
Carolyn Fabricant
IH Staff ’63-’66, ‘74

Dear Irma,

I was sorry to hear of Mordy’s passing. The memories of his outstanding abilities as Camp Director and human being will always be with me.

Mary Kaplan Greenberg, and Ken too.
IH ’66, ’67

My dear Irma,

A few years ago a friend invited me to hear this artist speak at Claremont College. I bought this card because it touched my heart, and I saved it knowing one day I would share with a dear friend.

I am so sad that Mordy is gone. Both of you have been and are the dearest of friends and will always be in my heart.

There is much to say, but this is more about how we all feel. The image in this painting talks to me about that connection we never lose—why you cry for apparently no reason at random moments. I do too.

Much love,
Jeryll Adler
IH ’71,’72

Dear Irma,

I was so sad to learn about Mordy. Mine was one of the many lives you opened. I knew it every moment of the years I spent at Indian Hill—but as an adult I came to really appreciate the gift that you and Mordy gave to us. Hopefully we pass it along to our children and the gift continues.

I send you my sympathy, my gratitude, and always my love,
Betsey Feldman
IH ’62,’63
Staff ‘67


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