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Jeryll W. Adler, '71 & '72

Shortly after Indian Hill I attended North Carolina School of the Arts as a theatre major, and then transferred out to broaden and complete my education at Sarah Lawrence College. My professional career and personal life have swung in many directions, but mostly I have stayed close to the arts - either on stage till my early thirties, or ultimately as a marketing executive. I worked for a number of years at Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., as the Marketing Director of The American Place Theatre, and creating Advertising/Marketing Departments for indieWIRE, the leading industry news source for the independent film market. During that time I also produced three plays off-off-Broadway, creating a company, Rogue Repertory, that grew out of ABC/Daytime in New York, starting with six actors and growing to sixty within a year and a half. We produced Marivaux [The Double Inconstancy,] Shakespeare [Comedy of Errors,] and an original play, Severity's Mistress. For the company I produced a benefit performance of A. R. Gurney's Love Letters. We later did a musical benefit for the company at The Triad. I lived in Manhattan for almost 26 years, for most of that time on the Upper West Side. My work led to a bi-coastal existence and a decision to relocate full-time to Los Angeles. I moved into my first house since childhood - with a backyard - in May [2002], in Redondo Beach. In the fall of 2004 I “upgraded” to a bigger spread in a part of the South Bay/Los Angeles area called Hollywood Riviera, at the foothills of Palos Verdes. I live here with my dogs, Grace & Stella Adler. I now have a huge backyard [by the standards of an ex New Yorker] and panoramic views of the ocean and city lights.

About five years ago I made a commitment to bring a national caliber theatre to my neck of the woods in Los Angeles. My company, Pacific Stages, has had 501c3 status since November of 2002, and a commitment from a local developer for the land to build a 99 seat workshop and 400 seat LORT theatre complex on the Rosecrans corridor, just past LAX, in El Segundo. [For those of you who have read Irma & Mordy’s amazing book, “From Our Angle of Repose”, from their east coast purview this was somehow migrated to near Malibu]. When the project is finally built we will be the first new mid-size arts center dedicated to theatre in many decades in Los Angeles County. Please do check out our website, And if you are in the Los Angeles area and love theatre please do send me an e-mail and I will put you on our guest list for upcoming events. We do a series of readings [until we have our dedicated space] with some of the finest actors in the country at really fun locations in the South Bay. And I would especially love to hear from friends and acquaintances from ’71 & 72.

Jane Amler, '65

My summer of '65 at Indian Hill is very dear to my heart. Last year I earned my Ph.D. in Creative Writing/English Literature, and I am an Adjunct Associate Professor at Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY. I published Christopher Columbus's Jewish Roots in 1991, and my book on Haym Salomon will be published this summer. I am married and have two grown sons. I'd love to hear from my dear Indian Hill friends.

Perryne Anker, '54 & '55

I came upon my diary from my first year at Indian Hill '54. I spent a wonderful teary few hours reading through it and looking at old pictures. My two years in Stockbridge truly changed my young life and charted a course that few young people even dream of experiencing. I am part of so many lives and have the opportunity to share intimate and special moments in life cycle events with many wonderful people. I also teach voice and do a fair number of concerts. I recorded a tape about 4 years ago and am in the process of recording a CD. I have been a steadily employed cantor for about thirty years. I have had 3 positions and about 3 months ago left my synagogue to freelance.

Thomas Bachman, '68 & '69

I attended Indian Hill (violinist) in both the 1968 and 1969 seasons. I resided in either Teepee I or II. (We envied the girls because they got to live in the Main House). I practice law in New Jersey. My personal e-mail address is

One of my recollections of Indian Hill was rehearsing with the orchestra while Harry Saltzman would implore us to "Look at me!" while conducting. I especially enjoyed the Beethoven's 5th. I also remember the guys picking up Harry's VW Beetle and turning it upside down.

I've always felt the chamber music played at Indian Hill was the best I've ever heard due, in large part, to the acoustics at the Main House that added a lot of reverb. I vividly recall practicing out-doors in the summer heat and hearing one female faculty member (Greta?) practice the Brahm's Hungarian Rhapsodies over and over again as we passed by her cabin.

No matter where I go in life I somehow seem to always remember the food. One of my favorites from the Indian Hill kitchen was the meatloaf topped with swiss-cheese and ketchup. The fruit pies were to die for! Finally, I must confess that sometimes I'd intentionally be late for breakfast so that I'd get to sit with the Baumans and their notable guests- incredible artists like Carly Simon and Judy Collins. In sum, I am thankful that the Baumans were able to create our own benlittle Bloomsbury in the Berkshires.

Vicki Barkoff, '61

[Although] I never studied acting - apart from IH and a few workshops over the years - began acting professionally about ten years ago. I recently played Barnum's mother-in-law in a Hallmark/A & E mini-series on P. T. Barnum that should air next fall. My younger daughter is a writer who has won a number of awards. The older one did a B. A. at Harvard, worked in cancer research at Sloan Kettering, went back to school to study opera, and is now in her third year of medicine at Dalhousie.

Marc Bauman, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66

Marc Bauman has produced programs for Live from Lincoln Center as Coordinating Producer, now as Supervising Producer, since 1981. The broadcasts on WNET presented works by 12 resident companies at Lincoln Center: The New York Philharmonic, the New York City Opera, The New York City Ballet, the Lincoln Center Theater, the Juilliard School and Jazz at Lincoln Center. In 2003 he won his fourth Emmy award, having produced programs such as "Death of a Salesman" starring Brian Denehy; "True West" starring Bruce Willis - both for Showtime; "Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan" for A & E network and others for VH-1 and Bravo. He is the seasoned producer of commercial spots with more than 250 under his direct supervision. He produced "Our Town", with Paul Newman in the lead, for Showtime TV in 2003

Marc has his Masters Degree in Television and Radio Production from Brooklyn College and the Bachelor Degree in Communication from the University of Massachusetts. He his taught broadcast production at the college level and is frequently lectures at various colleges and universities in the New York area.

Jean Yves Benichou, '70

Jean-Yves was born in the 1953 in the one time French colony of Oran, Algeria and moved to Philadelphia at the age of 3. While attending Northeast High School, he decided to pursue a career in music as a Double Bassist and in 1969, a certain classmate by the name of Scott Martin Kosofsky, spoke to him about the Indian Hill summer arts camp. "This was my very first time experience on my own,- performing Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony with Harry Salzman, getting a small role in a play by T.S. Elliot, watching a ballet performance by Jim Waring, or going to Tanglewood to hear Bernstein conduct the Boston Symphony, all of which I still remember 35 years later! How can I also forget that very special moment where I played my first recital in front of an Indian Hill audience?"

He received a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1974, and then went on to earn his Masters degree in performance at Yale University in 1976. His first in a Symphonic Orchestra was with the New Haven Symphony. Being of French origin, he decided to move on and return to Europe to look for a job.

The Toulouse Chamber Orchestra gave him this chance back in 1976 and he stayed with them for 6 years. He was the only bassist in this 11 string player ensemble, a size that presented him with a golden opportunity to become a soloist. (Unfortunately, due to financial reasons this 50 year old group no longer exists as of June 2004). "It was the best moments in my life: We toured all over Europe and took 2 two month long tours to accompany the famous Franco-American flutist Michel Debost to the USA. How ironic it was for me being American as well, to visit the states with a French orchestra!"

During his stay in Toulouse, he decided to perfect his technique and start all over from scratch. It was at this moment that he came into contact with the great Doubler Bass player Francois Rabbath. "This man is the greatest living phenomenon in the world today, and he changed my life and way of thinking. All of my former bass teachers never told me in years what Francois told me in 5 mins. His "New Technique" was a revelation but truly frustrating; I would sometimes want to throw the bass against the wall!"

Wanting to change directions entirely, he decided to return to the symphonic world. In 1979 he toured to China, South Korea and Japan with the l’Orchestre Symphonique de Lyon and then in 1985 auditioned for the Strasbourg Philharmonic, a group with which he has been ever since. This year the 2004-2005 season marks the Orchestra’s 150th anniversary. "The Double bass has been my passport to 28 countries and that’s something I never would have imagined back at Indian Hill!"

For the past six years, Jean-Yves has developed an interest in digital photography, and Photoshop and for the past 2 years has been a member of an English internet Photo Forum. Some of his work has been published in Digital Photo Magazine. He also builds and fixes computers. He lives in Strasbourg with his wife Anna and their 13 year old son David.

Jed Berman, '67

Jed majored in music at SUNY Binghamton. He was in the rare coin business with his brother, and through that connection was accepted into the Merrill Lynch training program and stayed there for twenty years. He now has his own office in Great Neck, L. I. where he still plays piano every day. He has joined a group "We Three"; they play mainly local gigs. His teen age daughter has her own web site:

Kate (nee Carolyn) Borger

Since leaving Indian Hill in August of 1975, Kate has enjoyed some interesting puruits, but few having the impact of her summers spent in Stockbridge. Her career has primarily been in non-commercial radio (WBAI and WNYC in New York; currently WYEP in Pittsburgh, PA). Kate was also the Music Director at the nation's only commercial folk music station, WADN in Concord, MA.

Somewhere along the way, she earned her Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Kate is married to a college professor/guitar player, and they have two children: Levon Guthrie (almost four) and Madeline Georgia (15 months). Her only regret in having children is that she cannot send them to Indian Hill.

Jacob Brackman, '57, Staff member '63, '64, '67

Jake was a journalist in the 1960s, after graduating from Harvard where he wrote for the Crimson. His reporting, essays and fiction appeared in magazines such as The New Yorker and Esquire, where he was film critic until 1972. Since then, his songs have been recorded by Fred Astaire, Dionne Warwick, Dr John and Steve Winwood. His collaboration wirh Carly Simon began when they were both on staff at Indian Hill. It spans 30 years, from Carly's first hit to her recent opera, "Romulus Hunt." Brackman's movie credits include 'The King of Marvin Gardens" (screenplay); ''Days of Heaven" (Executive Producer) and 2nd unit Director) and ''Times Square" (Writer-Producer.) Currently he is working on a revival of "King of Hearts:" Book by Steve Tesich, Music by Peter Link, Lyrics by Jake. Website:

Paul Brancato, '64

My memories of IH are so positive, despite the fact that my parents had to drag me to the bus kicking and screaming. When I was 16 I had no idea that music would be my life's workit wasn't just classical music that I grew to love. I also got my first exposure to jazz greats like Dave Brubeck, folk music legends like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, and even to the music of Leonard Bernstein. Although I never finished my music education, I was able to work my way back into the music profession. I began by playing violin on the street and later won a job with the Oakland Symphony. In 1977 I was concertmaster at the Spoleto Festival, and am now assistant principal second violin in the San Francisco Symphony.

Stacey Bredhoff, '69

I have very special and wonderful memories of my summer at Indian Hill. I live in Washington, DC and am a curator for the National Archives.

Paul Breslin, '59, '60, '61, Staff '66

Paul Breslin was born in Chicago in 1946. He was at Indian Hill in the summers of 1959, 1960, and 1961, returning in the summer of 1966 as a staff member. He attended the laboratory school of the University of Chicago, Haverford College, and the University of Virginia, where he received a Ph.D. in English. Since 1976, he has taught in the English department of Northwestern University. He has published essays and poems in numerous journals and little magazines. His critical study, The Psycho-Political Muse: American Poetry since the Fifties, appeared in 1987. A collection of poems, You Are Here, is forthcoming from TriQuarterly Books in fall, 2000, and he has just finished a second critical study, Nobody's Nation: Identity and History in Derek Walcott, now under review for publication. His other obsession besides poetry is music, both folk and classical. He has been married since 1968 to Jeanne LaSala Breslin; their daughter, Megan, is teaching school and writing fiction in New York City.

George Chait, '67, '68

I have been living in New Hampshire for 25 years, originally in the inn and restaurant business. I then changed to carpentry. For the last 15 years I have run my own construction business. I guess I could say my sculpture is on a large scale now! We do primarily remodeling and I really enjoy my work. We have two daughters, now 8 and 11. They both love to read, create drama, and are excited by the challenges of school, piano and horseback.

Aviva Chansky, '74

I am a clinical social worker since 1985. Am married to an attorney, Daniel, and we live in Smithtown New York. I work with the elderly, homebound and terminally ill populations, plus have a separate practice in forensic home studies for the court in matters of custody and guardianship. I run the Social Action and Community Outreach Committee of Temple Beth Sholom of Smithtown, New York, and received an award for excellence in program development from the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in 2002. I have three children; Ben, age 15, Elana, 12 and Ezra 8. My interest in music found fulfillment in the Smithtown Community Chorus from 1997-2000, but for now musical interests are on the back-burner due to many family, volunteer and work commitments. My year at Indian Hill was one of the happiest years of my life. I reflect on it often and with much pleasure. I would love to hear from others from that year.

Fredric T. Cohen, '63, '64

Fredric T. Cohen is professor of music at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. An active performer as well as teacher, Fred appears regularly as principle oboist with the Springfield (MA) Symphony, the Harvard Chamber Orchestra and the Avanti Wind Quintet. He has been resident conductor and coordinator of orchestra activities at the University and is the conductor of the orchestra and head of the woodwind program at the Senior Greenwood Music Camp. He has taught oboe, coached chamber music and conducted Wind Ensembles at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston University, and the Great Woods Festival. He can be heard on recordings issued by Telarc, Gasparo Records, Northeastern Records, Gunmar Records, BEEP Records and Opus One Records. He has been guest artist with the Muir Quartet, Boston Baroque, and has performed at the Connecticut Early Music Festival, the Mohawk Trails concerts and many other festivals. He was soloist in England with the Folkestone and Hythe Orchestral Society, performing the Mozart Oboe Concerto.

Richard Colton, '65, '66, '67

Richard Colton danced with the James Waring Dance Company (1970-72); Joffrey Ballet(1973 to 1977); Twyla Tharp Dance (l977 to 1987); American Ballet Theatre (1987 to 1989) and the White Oak Dance Project directed by Mikhail Baryshnikov(i993). Riichard appears in the films "Hair" and" Amadeus" directed by Milos Foreman and the PBS Great Performances presentation of "The Catherine Wheel."

Since 1989 Richard has directed and choreographed for Spencer/Colton, a company of dancers and actors. His latest projects have included "Billy Nijinsky," winner of Best Production for the 2003 New York International Fringe Festival and "Einstein's Dreams," a dance/theater collaboration with author Alan Lightman.

Ann Cooper, '70, '71, '72 (now deceased)

I was born and have lived in Manhattan almost my entire life. Everything I need is here: opera, museums, interesting food and entertaining street life. I only leave the city for art or to try an exotic restaurant. I have been painting for 30 years, mostly still life in acrylic paint, and sometimes decorative work. I show at First Street Gallery where you can see some of my recent paintings. (

I am now 53 and live in a loft in Soho in New York. I have been painting for 30 years, with the success of seeing the work progress, but with perhaps not enough recognition to have it support me financially. I teach computer accounting to small businesses for a living, and run my own business. I have spent some time learning Ballroom Dance which I enjoy. I read a lot, and do lots of City things. Although I have travelled a fair amount over the years, I could only live in New York City, which has the fast pace and permanent change that keeps me challenged and entertained.

Joseph N. Davis Jr., '57

MSgt, USAF, retired in 1984, 1988 Armstrong-Atlantic U.graduate, B.S.E Art Ed, Visual Arts Teacher, Savannah-Chatham Public Schools 1989-90; Atlanta Public Schools 1990-; Masters student, Lesley U. College Park Off-campus. Art Director, Opening Nite Productions, Jazz Trio Leader (Mojo Davis Trio), CEO, Mojo Davis Music Productions, Inc. (, CDs: Joi Love, 2004; Mojo Davis: Legacy 2005

Ellen Dinerman, '71

Ellen Dinerman completed an M.F.A. in sculpture at Claremont Graduate School in 1982 after attending Antioch University, Los Angeles and working on Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party". She exhibited her artwork for the next 12 years. As she was interested in teaching and a family, she married and has a daughter who is as creative as she is.Ellen teaches art and Kindergarten at the Weizmann Day School in Pasadena. Recently she was awarded an Honorable Mention for The Bravo Award for Excellence in teaching in the arts from The Music Center of Los Angeles as well as a Pasadena Arts Council Grant.

Amy Eisen (Krupsky), '63, '64, '66, Staff '70

My husband and I are both lawyers: I am with the National Archives [in Washington]. I think of Indian Hill often, especially now that we have two teenaged daughters. I enjoy reading Frank Rich, seeing Andy Bergman movies and Dennis Boutsikaris on television.

Michael Ellert, '66,'67

After Michael Ellert spent two summers at Indian Hill, he graduated from Bayside High school and attended Juilliard for four years. He toured with Mitch Miller's orchestra and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet before spending three years as principal bassoonist with the Israel Chamber Orchestra. He was an active professional bassoonist with the New Jersey Symphony, the New York City Opera and played for four years with the Virginia Opera in Norfolk, VA. He moved to Florida in 1983 and plays in many ensembles there. He teaches at Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach Atlantic University and the Dreyfoos High School of Performing Arts in West Palm Beach. He is also Personnel Manager of the Palm Beach Opera and founding member of the Palm Beach Festival. Two CDs have been released by Klavier Music Productions.

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