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Remembering Mordy

(March 2, 1912 - May 16, 2007)

(Photograph by Jeryll Adler)

Since our dearest Mordy passed away, I have created new section to this website called Remembering Mordy Section. If you would like to share any thoughts or memories of Mordy, please e-mail me with your text at via e-mail to

If you wish to send your condolences to Irma, her address is:
49 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011



We are pleased to announce the private publication of our memoir, From Our Angle of Repose.

This illustrated book is the story of our lives and our professional activities from 1941, when we met, to today – almost today. We have reached a quiet moment of repose, when periods of strain and pain are forgotten and we have time to remember and record how we came to this peaceful period. Together Mordy and I founded Indian Hill, a summer workshop in the arts in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. We directed it for twenty-four years and it is a source of pride that a number of our students have become high achievers in their chosen careers and allied professions. Our last project was the documentary film, The Stations of Bach, for PBS-TV, first broadcast nationally in May 1990. And there was much in between.

If you'd like to order a copy, please send a check for $35.00 per copy, postage paid, to:

Irma Bauman
49 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011


From Irma & Mordy Bauman:

We closed the door on Indian Hill in 1978 when we left Stockbridge and moved permanently to our apartment in Greenwich Village. In 2000, a year before he died, Don Emerson insisted that we create a web site so that Indian Hillers could discover what their fellow students were up to and share pride in each other’s accomplishments.

One of our young friends agreed to set it up and it was listed for over five years as Ben Wilchfort, who did not go to Indian Hill, took great care of the web pages, keeping track of 200 early signers-on.

Anna Canoni, Nora Guthrie’s daughter (and Marjorie Guthrie’s granddaughter) would like to create a website where IH alumni can communicate with each other, share your current activities and fill us in on the past thirty busy years since most of you have seen us.

We hear from former students more often than we ever imagined would happen. It is a reward we don’t take lightly; it has kept us alive well into our nineties.

During the past few years Mordy and I have worked together to write our memoir. Thanks to the help and persistence of an old IHer who decided he would design and edit the work, the book is completed, entitled “From Our Angle of Repose.” When it is available we will let everybody know. A great section of it, of course, is Indian Hill. Mordy says that it never occurred to him that he was creating something of such lasting importance to those teenagers who still tell us how much those summers meant to them.



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